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The Rain (repost)

Who do you thank when you drink the rain? The band Waterdeep wrote “Many men will drink the rain and turn to thank the clouds” and I believe that to be true.

People tend to make God in their own image. Isn’t that what we want?  A god of social justice or maybe a republican god.  Christians are not immune to this either.  Maybe we have a god who is really moving at my church and not at yours.  Being judgemental is a great example of this.  Whenever we judge someone we have set our own standards up as God’s standard.  As we choose to grow we will deal with these internal struggles.

My chief concern with attempting to make God in our image is with those who choose not to believe.

Non Christians rightly claim that Christians are hypocrites. That’s a good reason to need Jesus though. They can’t justify God’s “horrible treatment of the poor, the sick, or those who suffer across the world for no good reason. …”.  The problem with this thinking is that we will each individually stand before God one day and give our own account for our actions.  If you have ever managed people before or been a parent you understand this well.  When asking Johnny to account for unsatisfactory work/behavior you do not want to hear them say “but Suzie does the same thing”.  There will be no excuses with God.  If you do not want a relationship with Him in this life, you will not have one with Him in the next.

What then shall we do?  I am glad you asked.  Choose Christ, choose life, choose blessings, and begin to do good works.  Sound simple.  It is.  Christianity is a “come as you are” religion. 


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