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Realization of Faith

He made you for a purpose, and He knows you will be most at peace when you are fulfilling it.

Hebrews 11:1-2 BBE Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the sign that the things not seen are true. 2. For by it our fathers had God’s approval.

The greatest Realization of Faith has been the Resurrection of Christ. Now it didn’t happen anything like Christ’s disciples thought it would. Jesus told them of the resurrection to come, but they could not wrap their minds around it. Their hearts were sick as saw their hopes crushed by the crucifixion. Good thing the story didn’t end there.

So it is with our lives. Many times the promises, dreams and visions given us by God do not come to pass in the manner or time frame (instantly) we expect.

The disciples did not think Jesus was going to His coronation by the way of Crucifixion. The weren’t waiting with bated breath at the tomb for the resurrection either. After Jesus ascended though they did as they were told, and waited for the Holy Spirit in the upper room.

It’s hard to wait for our hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. Abraham’s promise from God was fulfilled long after his death. That’s living by faith. Practically every generation believes they will be the one to see the promise of Christ’s return. They are all still waiting.

What promise are you waiting for? A baby, a new job, financial problems to end, healing, someone you love coming to Christ. Everyone of us has put our hope and faith in God at some point to bring to fruition a passion, promise or dream he has given us.

The difficult part it to let God have control of the situation and deliver in his own timing. Every time I have attempted to “help God” it has turned into a regret instead of a dream fulfilled. I urge you to take comfort in these two things. First, when we read the scripture we find that God has delivered on every single promise he made. Second, we all are waiting and hoping, in faith, for God to fulfill the dreams and promises He has placed inside of us.

He made you for a purpose, and He knows you will be most at peace when you are fulfilling it.


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