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Prayer, Passion, Persistance (Habits)

Habits are about persistance.  There are good and bad habits.  It is good to exorcise every day.  It is not so good two smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.  Either way, both types of habits took some persistance in the beginning to get going.  It takes persistance to form a prayer habit, to play the piano, or to wield a scalpel (legally anyway).  I believe that there are at least three elements you must have  to lead a purpose fulfilling life.  You must combine prayer and passion with persistance.

I believe a prayer habit is somewhat self-explanatory.  It requires that you prayer regularly .  Your “passion” is the part of you that feels driven to do/carry out something.  Your passion will require training of you to gain proficiency.  You might want to be a doctor, an athlete, a musician or a mom.  What ever fire you have inside that drives you was placed there by God when he made you.  Left uncontrolled, it will burn your world down.  It will burn everything around you because it is either ignored for some reason. or is misused.  Through the habits of prayer and training though our hearts are set free.  Psalms 119:32- NIV 32.I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free. 

Psalms 119:35 NIV Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight. It’s not by accident you have desires to do something or become something.  God is responsible for those.  It’s going to take some good habits to get you there though.  There will be some pain along the way.  Some failures and setbacks will crop up here and there.  Your passion might even metamorphosize into something all together different from what you intended in the beginning.  When you couple your prayer and passion with persistance,  you will be able to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. 

Think of it as Prayer, Passion, Persistance = A Purpose fulfilling Life.

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