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She was a Web-Cam Girl

I had the great pleasure of waiting in line at the DMV a few weeks ago.  I showed up thirty minutes early- with a Sausage McMuffin, hash browns and a Coke in hand to be towards the front of the line.  No such luck.  There were about 130 people already in line outside the building when I arrived.  So, I waitedBoring.  I began to converse with others in line. 

While chatting it up with some of the people in line one girl mentioned she was a Web-Cam girl.  It wasn’t some big announcement she felt she needed to make.  Nor was it something she seemed to wear as a badge of honor.  She wasn’t asking for anyone else there to condone or make her feel legitimate for her decision.  To her it was a way to pay for school.  It came up because she met an old acquaintance from high school, who asked her where she worked.

I thought to myself what would be the best witness:

  1. I could tell her how wrong she was, that God does not approve of her actions, and that I would be praying for her soul- which is basically the Christian version of giving the finger.
  2. I might have just kept totally quiet and gone about my day.
  3. I chose number three.  There are surely many variations of the options above and even ones I haven’t discussed at all.  I chose to just speak to her with the love and kindness that I believed Jesus would have.  Jesus said Then neither do I condemn you,”.  

Love is patient, Love is Kind.  Isn’t that how Christians supposed to act?  I chose to interact with her just as I would any saint.  We (Christians) should not expect non-Christians to act like christians.  One pastor I know said “the church in not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners”.   When someone shows up in a church as an adult it is most likely because they realize they are sick.  The continuum of sickness may range from just looking for something more out of life to no place to go but up due to some tragic event(s).

If a sinner doesn’t feel sick is there any real reason they would think to seek treatment.  I believe that most un-saved people don’t feel sick until they see how healthy believers are.  They usually realize how healthy true Christians are through loving relationships.  Our country is currently facing some difficult challenges now.  I told my wife some time ago that our current hard times make me excited for the things Christ will do.  I think many people will come to Christ.  While I am not excited about my current state of under employment, I am excited about the opportunity the church has to show the love of Christ to the world. 

Will you show the love of Christ with out condemnation?  “Will you be Jesus with skin on?”  I hope you will.



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