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The Facade Of Holiness

Christians seem to have a natural defense mechanism to avoid being judged by our peers. I call it The Holiness Facade..

If your old enough you may remember a show called The Wild Kingdom. It was hosted by a wilderness explorer who observed animals in their natural habitat. Every Sunday night millions of us would watch with excitement the life and death struggles of these magnificent animals.

I consider myself to be an explorer of sorts. Instead of wild animals though I observe people. Christians are my favorite species to watch. They, just like the animals on The Wild Kingdom, can be seen each Sunday at any local church.

Just as animals tend to have defense mechanisms that spring into action when attacked so do Christians. The strange thing about Christians is that when they are being attacked they tend to act as of nothing is wrong.. Other humans do this as well, but it seems to be a more prevalent issue among Christians. I believe there are three main reasons for this.

The first is- Some Christians are taught they are less HOLY if they experience the same struggles those who are not Christians do.

The second is- Christians tend to lack the support structures those outside of the church have. This is probably in part to my first reason.

The third reason is the worst.- Sometimes Christians will cull their wounded. If appearing weak means you might be discarded you do what you can to appear strong and/or seek needed help outside the church.

I want address there three issues in later posts, but for now let me leave you with this.

We are all broken, and while we know this we try to act as if we weren’t. We put on a facade of holiness for our Christian friends or at church.. I most certainly have put on my holiness facade a time or two. Why do we do it? I have listed some reasons above. The main goal though is to address this as a church..

I pray that we overcome The Holiness Facade. Learn to be transparent, and that the church will learn to minister to both the churches and the unchurched.


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