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Maxima Faith (Updated and Reposted)

Below is part one of a past post.  We were just told that we needed to replace our eleven year old Maxima with 210k miles on it.  It made me think of this post.  My wife currently has “minivan faith”

Do you have “MAXIMA FAITH”? I once met a lady who did. I met her during my very short career selling cars. She came into the dealership wanting to test drive a new Maxima. The test drive went well, and upon our return she decided she wanted the car. I drew up the paper work and sent it over to the finance office. Unfortunately, I was unable to get her approved for the payments.

I suggested we look at a Sentra which would cut the payments in half. She agreed to the test drive. Upon our return to the dealership she let me know she was completely unsatisfied with the Sentra. I again tried to explain to her that we would not be able to approve her for the payments (which by the way amounted to 50% of her income) on a Maxima. She finally exclaimed “I have MAXIMA FAITH I have MAXIMA FAITH I have MAXIMA FAITH”. My response was “but you have Sentra credit”.

She knew that God wanted her to have a brand new Maxima. and she would not stop until she had it. So, she left the dealership with her “MAXIMA FAITH”.

I don’t know what happened to her. What I do know is that God does not want us to substitute “faith” with wisdom. I can only imagine what kind of trouble this misguided belief can get us into…


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