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Human Trafficking In The USA

I have been posting on things lately that I didn’t believe I would at first. Christ has reminded as of late the religious leaders of His day were also the political leaders of His day. I have been posting most of my political views on a different blog, but Bloggingforwisdomandtruth means blogging about just that Wisdom And Truth. Even if it is political or social truth. I believe just as Jesus cleared the temple, He might clear the congress if He were here today. We all have the power today to do that with our votes. I believe if our leaders refuse to confront something like slavery in our own nation we need to send them packing.

It’s our modern day slavery. While politicians are frightened to make the right decisions out of fear of political reprisals from those who are more concerned with illegal immigration instead of humane treatment of women being sold into slavery.

We no longer have an issue of people just trying to better themselves, or of economic hardship for our nation. We are facing bold criminals who are killing, kidnapping, and attacking our nation with military weapons in order to promote their own economic well being.

How long will we ignore women being taken from inside our own borders and sold as slaves? How long will we allow drugs to freely enter our country and turn a blind eye. The mainstream media in our country won’t tell us about the rehab centers in Mexico being attacked and everyone inside being slaughtered, but even Yahoo News will report on it. Scare people away from treatment so you can keep loyal customers and call it free enterprise.

Today is the day to stand up and say no more. Not tomorrow. TODAY.

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