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The Problem With Miracles


The problem with miracles is simple.  They usually only come when you need one.  This typically means, things are bad. I gave myself the name Iammiraclemike for a reason. I have been witness to many miracles in my life.  In fact, one of my roommates in college said that I was an example of God’s endurance.  Maybe I should have shared that with my wife before she said “I do.”  While being in a place to need miracles means things aren’t going well,  it also reminds me of just how much God loves me.  It also means I have many stories to tell.

What stories do you have to tell?  What miracles have you been witness too?  Have they left you in awe?  Are you afraid sometimes that if you speak of them your friends and family will think you are nuts?  It’s OK.  I feel the same way.  Although, part of the reason I started this blog was to share those miracles.  I hope I can urge you to share as well.

Miracle #1 The miracle in Mexico.

While this is not the first miracle I have seen, I like telling the story. While our missions group was in desperate need of a miracle I had no doubt God would provide. I had the faith of a child.  I wish I had that kind of faith  all the time.  Our group was several hours away from the nearest village deep in the mountains of Mexico and we were almost out of gas.  Our Pastor naturally thought it would be a good idea to start praying.  We did.  I knew God would help.  I figured that someone would soon be heading down the road with a full can of gas.  They would gladly give us in the name of the Lord) and we would be saved.  I was wrong. What happened was much greater.  Our gas tank went from E to F all on its own. I think that qualifies as a miracle.

Sometime later I remember asking God why He helped us that way.  His quiet voice whispered back , “I didn’t want you to explain it away .”    It couldn’t be a coincidence.  It’s either a miracle or I’m crazy or a liar.  You just can’t dismiss something like that happening in your life.  God was there in real-time.  He cared about an SUV full of gringos trying to share the Good News in Mexico.
What miracles have you seen in your life.  The baby the doctors said you couldn’t have.  The cancer that’s just gone.  The car accident you shouldn’t have survived.  The money that came at the eleventh hour, or later.  Whatever the miracle.  Share it.  Let everyone know how the God of the universe took some time out to meet you in your time of need.





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