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The Trap Of The Trivial

We have discussed the trap of the treadmill in which the devil seeks to convince us we are moving forward while we are not really just wasting energy and resources.  We noticed with the trap of tranquility that the enemy seeks to lull us into a false sense of security before striking. The trap of the trivial is a trap of distraction and a trap of delay.  This is a common trap that we not  only see in our Christian walk but also in everyday life. If our enemy can get us to focus on trivial matters we will be unable to reach important goals.

One of the best examples of this trap is your email in-box at work. Constant pop up notices and noises clamoring for your attention.  Maybe they just take a minute of your time, but it’s not uncommon for people to get 100 in a given day.  Many of them are important.  Many however,  are trivial in nature, just distracting us from accomplishing our daily activities.  Tina wants to know if everyone has signed Tedd’s birthday card.  Sam needs directions to Marsha’s baby shower.  John wants the whole office to know he is leading in the NCAA bracket. A minute here, a minute there and you’ve lost an hour today reading and responding to trivial emails.

Allow me to give you an example of the trap of the trivial played out in our walk with Christ. It’s the million thoughts that clutter your mind when you begin to worship.  Those “pop up” windows of the mind seek to delay and distract us from our promises in Christ. Jesus told us to ask seek and knock. It can be hard to ask, seek and knock when all the things you need to accomplish seem far more urgent than they actually are when you decide to worship.  Jesus told Martha that the dirty dished can wait until after worship. He was telling her not to let trivial matters get the best of her.  Although the dishes will need cleaning, right now, they take a back seat to sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Do you feel trapped by the trivial sometimes when it comes to your Christian walk.  Don’t feel too bad.  Usually this trap is easy to escape.  It just takes a little practice and concentration.  Even the ADD challenged can do it. Actually, the most difficult aspect of avoiding this trap is we tend to enjoy distractions from reality.  We watch one program after another on TV just because it’s on.  We, including me, would rather “veg” than read or pray. Our favorite shows don’t bring us closer to Christ.  They don’t speak life into our souls, and they don’t represent any reality we should want to live.

Let me sum it up with this.  It’s OK to watch TV.  People like to eat off of clean dishes, and you should clean out your in-box. Just don’t allow the trivial to trump the true calling that Christ has for you by permitting it to dominate you time.


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