Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood

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Your Mail: To those who shop | The Town Talk | thetowntalk.com.

When stores sponsor the Susan G. Komen Organization, the fundraising that they do is supposed to be dedicated to helping in ending breast cancer and keeping women from dying of that disease.

Susan G. Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood who have abortion services available. They say the money they give to Planned Parenthood is only being used to keep women from having breast cancer and not for abortion.

Abbey Johnson a former Planned Parenthood director, claims that no mammograms are done at any Planned Parenthood clinics in America, only physical breast exams are done.

Therefore the so called help that Susan G. Komen gives in the name of breast cancer prevention, is a ruse.

This information is also backed up by Focus on the Family. Can you see that both organizations are fooling the public. Think about it and don’t shop at places that help either group.

Donna Domzalski



4 comments on “Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood

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