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The Trap Of Trauma

The Trap Of Trauma is different than the other traps we have discussed so far. Most of the time the devil attacks us in ways that are deceptive, but the trap of trauma is a direct sudden assault on us. While researching the subject I found the following definition.

Trauma: Any injury, whether physically or emotionally inflicted. “Trauma” has both a medical and a psychiatric definition. Medically, “trauma” refers to a serious or critical bodily injury, wound, or shock. This definition is often associated with trauma medicine practiced in emergency rooms and represents a popular view of the term. In psychiatry, “trauma” has assumed a different meaning and refers to an experience that is emotionally painful, distressful, or shocking, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects.

Trauma can present a bodily injury.  It can also be an emotional attack on our psyche.  It appears out of nowhere.  It’s the car accident, the diagnosis, the divorce.  In an instant you are transported from civilization to the wilderness, and you feel alone. What has God done?  What is His plan?  Why has He allowed this to happen?  There are no easy answers.  No cliché will bring comfort.  This trap wants to break us with one swift and sudden attack.  Even when unsuccessful, a long healing process lies ahead. In the old testament Job is the best example of this trap.

In the new testament I believe the crucifixion  gives us the best perspective of how the trap of trauma works.  In less than twenty-four hours disciples scatter, one disciple denies Christ, one commits suicide, and the movement appears  shattered.  BUT… Satan‘s ultimate insurrection only leads to Christ’s resurrection! The trap of trauma’s weakness is revealed.  If we heal from the wound, something in us is resurrected.  While Judas is consumed by the trap, Peter‘s faith soars.  he becomes arguably the most well know disciple to walk with Christ.  The devil’s trap of trauma, his trap of “shock and awe fails, and 2000 years later someone begins a relationship with Christ every minute.

You will experience this trap in your life if you haven’t already.  You will have a ground zero day, but Christ will be with you.  He was watching Job the whole time.  When you lose a loved one He will be there to comfort you and to welcome them home.  When you loose your job He will make a way.  His resurrection is there even in the desert, and it will lead us to green pastures if we don’t give up.

I pray you don’t give up.


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