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The Passion Of Christ

For Christians around the world this week is among the most sacred.  The passion, power and presence of Christ seem to fill the air.  Couple that with the natural connection Spring has to the Resurrection makes Easter even more exciting.  To me Easter is as important as Christmas.  When it comes to holidays we more easily forget the true meaning of Christmas than we do Easter.  The intense effort of advertisers and retailers seeking every opportunity they can to win us over detracts from the reason for the season.  Basically, Santa would flip the Easter Bunny like a cheeseburger if their power were derived by retail sales.

Many churches will have Good Friday services with the message based on the stations of the cross.  If you have never experienced one I urge you to try and attend a service in your area of town.  You will not be disappointed.  The stations start when Jesus is arrested and end at the tomb.  Christian’s call this the passion of Christ.  The phrase the passion of Christ refers to Christ’s suffering from the time he was arrested up to the Crucifixion. Understanding what Jesus physically went through will leave you with an understanding and perspective that few have.  Watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is a good way to gain this understanding without having to do much research on your own.

No matter how you spend Good Friday this year remember that Christ died so you wouldn’t have to.


One comment on “The Passion Of Christ

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