Church Growth

If you are a church goer you will eventually hear something about church growth.  I remember my first week in bible college we had four pastors from local churches as guest speakers during united sessions.  Each claimed to have the “fastest growing church in the metroplex”. Liar-liar pants on fire.  Maybe it was a four way tie.  Needless to say,  church growth is important.

While it’s not all about nickels and noses, there is no doubt growing your church is important, and can be a sign of a healthy church.  So, how do you make your church grow?  Do you need a church growth guru?  A capital campaign?  More ministries?  Better ministries?  Better technology?  New staff?  Old staff?  You might need one or all of the above.  I’m going to assume that God is not the issue.  If God is the issue your church needs to deal with that first.  

I can’t be specific because I don’t know your church situation, but I can give some principles that will get you pointed in the right direction.

  • Is the core of the church excited to be there?  If they are not start there.
  • Does the church have an “us four no more” mentality?  Do ministries belong a few core members, or are they willing to let go for the sake of the church as a whole?  if this is happening in your church the growth stops right there.
  • Do the ministries represent the five-fold biblical principle.  They don’t have to be represented exactly evenly, but if people can’t find a place to grow spiritually, they will go somewhere else.
  • If you don’t have a great youth and children’s ministry you won’t attract families.  That is just plain and simple.
  • Money?  Yes, you need money.  Does the congregation give.  If they believe in the church and have buy-in they will give.
While I can go on this is enough to get you thinking.  If your church needs help, get.  Feel free to contact me if you are serious about getting on the right path.

3 comments on “Church Growth

  1. You say, “If you don’t have a great youth and children’s ministry you won’t attract families. That is just plain and simple.”

    If that is true, how did the church grow so amazingly fast during the first century? The Reformation? The first and second Great Awakenings?

    If families attend a church because of a great children’s or youth ministry, they will leave when there is no longer a “need” for one.

    • sundoulos2005-You are right in saying the church (body) grew rapidly in the first century, the Reformation, and the Great Awakenings. These are times when the church, for the most part, grew as a whole. The point I am making is to individual congregations. Congregations in modern times that wish to grow have to invest in their children and youth ministries’. While these are not the only keys to growing your church, without them you are fighting a loosing battle. You can have a small church with great ministries, but you can not have a large church without them.

      I hope that answers any questions you have about my post. I would love to read your blog if you have one.



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