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Anyone Can Dream

“Anyone can dream; it’s the doing that is such a hassle”.-John Acuff 

Just as I was going to sit down to write this a exciting episode of Psych came on.  I wanted to delay until it was done… So I did.  Then, another exciting episode of Psych was just starting.  You know how they start the next episode while the credits run on the show you just watched.  They don’t want you to change the channel.  Keep watching they say.  Is there really anything better to do?  There probably is.  No one regrets spending too little time in front of the TV on their death bed.

So what do people regret?  They didn’t finish school.  Didn’t travel to exotic places.  Didn’t spend enough time with family.  Didn’t start that business?  Didn’t run for office?  They didn’t pursue their dreams.

The bible says in Proverbs 13:12 NIV Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.Translation by Mike – It sucks when your dreams get shot down.

So, how do I actually pursue your dreams?  There is no real secret.  There are on;y some basic elements.

  • Time- This is the simplest and perhaps the hardest element.  Dreams take time.  Approximately 25 years pass from the time David is anointed by the prophet Samuel and when he becomes king.  Those weren’t an easy 25 years either.
  • Talent- You will need to develop your skills.  Even though David only used a sling and a stone, he was an expert with it.  Talent also requires discipline.  You don’t need to be the best ever, but you do need to be proficient.
  • Treasure- Dreams require cash.  You might need special training.  School costs money.  Lessons cost money.  Supplies, permits, tools, instruments, employees, equipment and on and on. They all cost money.  You need a job.  It might not be a dream job.  It may not be a fun job.  As long as it’s honest and honorable keep it up.

Just so you know I did put the remote down after watching the first episode of Psych.


One comment on “Anyone Can Dream

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