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It’s A 9/12 World

We live in a 9/12 world.  Our innocence stolen by Islamic terrorists. Our technology helps us recall the events in vivid quality like no other event like it.  I’m glad for that.  I don’t think we should ever forget.  The moment we do is the moment we are most vulnerable to repeat it. Yet unlike Pearl Harbor, which brought about the US entering WWII, there has been no clear and defining victory.  There have been some victories, but in some ways we are still under attack.  Just walk through an airport.  Consider the Muslims who want to put a mosque at ground zero to commemorate their attachment.  Why we would even consider such a disrespectful act is beyond me.

My greatest concern for the US and those who love true freedom everywhere is that some will trade that freedom for fleeting promises. Since they don’t believe in absolute truth they don’t believe in true good and evil.  What they don’t understand is that radical Islam can not be bargained or negotiated with.  It can not be reasoned with by logic.  Those who wish to remain neutral will only be seen as week. The willingness of our leaders and many in the media to acquiesce to radical Islam on seemingly small matters now will cause the loss of life later when those radicals attempt to impose things like sharia law upon us.  Even now those who oppose sharia law in this country are labeled as having islamophobia by groups like The Center For American Progress.

I’ve decided to leave this post without a real conclusion since the real conclusion will come through the decisions we make in the coming years.


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