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The Power Of Purpose

I’m a bit of dreamer.  I see the big picture, most of the time, but can have problems planning out the steps that will lead me to my dreams.  I have sought wise counsel to help and keep me on track.  One of the things I hear from them over and over again is that I shouldn’t expect things to work out just the way I see it in my head.  I need to be open to how God wishes to accomplish things and not rely on myown wisdom and wits.

It’s not always easy.  It takes patience.  I would rather arrive now and skip the journey some times.  Recently though, I have begun to accept and even cherish the journey.  Still, I have the occasional “David Moments” .  You know, in one Psalm he is so happy and joyful. and the next he is in the pit of despair.  It’s good that the bible reveals even the flaws of it’s heroes.  We can rest in the fact that God knows how fragile our humanity is.  

What is important is that we all realize joy in the journey.  The Journey is part of our purpose.  God points the way one step at a time.  Many of those steps we must take by faith.  Here is the key.  Allowing the power of purpose (God’s purpose) to permeate your being will create a driving passion to keep going when all seems lost.  If being a stubborn and determined person is part of your personality this comes easier.  If not, you may have to strive a little more, or you might not have really found your purpose yet.

I believe the two things that stop people from achieving there purpose is they don’t know what that purpose is.  The good thing about that is this obstacle is easy to figure out.  The second is giving into apathy.  This can be harder to overcome.  Both hurdles can be jumped with prayer, counseling and patience though.

If you or your church want to learn more please contact me  for a more in depth process that can help you live life with purpose.

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