Joel Olsteen And Unprecedented Favor

If you have ever listened to Joel Olsteen you have heard him mention the term “unprecedented favor” referring to the favor of God upon us.  My personal perspective is that he uses this term so much it cheapens the way God’s grace is perceived by many of his followers. I am not a apologist.  I am only speaking from my own perspective and my world view as it pertains to God.  The reason I believe he cheapens it is because it seems to be his only message.  The reason it resonates with people though is because it is true.  God has given His people unprecedented favor.  However, it’s not a magic trick we can pull out of a hat like a rabbit whenever we wish.

  • I’m running late for work.  I need God’s unprecedented favor to turn all the lights green so I can get there on time.  
God can and does save us from own mistakes at times, but he is not Santa Clause.  And Joel tends to be more of a self help guru than a preacher.  The problem here is that when a pastor only focuses on one attribute of God his church tends to be misguided.  Do we really want a god that is part genie, part tooth fairy, part Santa Clause and Easter Bunny?  If that’s all God is to you you will miss out.
Many time along the journey God comforts us instead of saving us.  Jesus didn’t heal everyone, raise everyone from the dead and all but one of His disciples died a martyr.  Having a good life is hard work.  Success as a disciple of Christ is not defined by a charmed life as much as it is by what you do when life isn’t so charmed.  If life was supposed to be full of rainbows and unicorns I would be writing this from my Christian yacht (they would be bigger than secular yachts) sipping my slightly adult beverage and dining the best steak and lobster money could buy.  All calorie free of course.                                                                                                                                                
Now. Here is the truth I spoke about before.  God does want to show us His favor.  Most times that means we pray and wait patiently which means we pray for that favor over and over.  Remember, miracles tend to happen when we need them most.  When only God can make the difference.  When only God can make the difference it means things are bad.  Divine health wealth and prosperity is more self help than discipleship.  I don;t like pain, but it’s a part of life. Pain reminds us to call on God.                                                          
We can expect unprecedented favor from God.  We just should expect God to make every day of our lives a fairy tale.              

3 comments on “Joel Olsteen And Unprecedented Favor

  1. I think you left a word out of that last sentence.

  2. Thanks. You are correct. Please add the word NOT in it’s proper place. Thank you and good night.

  3. First time here. Nice blog and great post. Well done.

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