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The Stupid Tax

I remember a little known band playing at my church when I was in High School, Don Carr and Sold Out.  One of the songs they played was called “Fast Food Religion”  It started out with the lines “Give me a quarter Christ with cheese please.”  “French fried blessings on the side.”  We can be like that at times.  God doesn’t work that way. He has His own plan, His own agenda, His own timing. In short, it’s not Burger King and we don’t get to have it our way. The bright side is that His way is always better than ours.

Think of it this way.  Most fast food is terrible for you.  I know from personal experience.  My Dr. has told me to stop eating it because it was doing the same thing to my liver as heavy drinking.  It’s so convenient though.  It”s cheap.  It’s easy.  There are times when I don’t have the patience to wait for a good meal.  I want a Big-Mac.  My relationship with God can be like that at times.

God wants our whole person healthy.  We want it right now.  We will make unwise choices to get them.  I had a friend that would use rent-to-own stores to furnish his apartment.  Filling it with furniture, appliances, and electronics.  After doing the math with him I figured by the time he paid off this stuff it would cost him twelve times what he would have paid if he would have saved the money and bought them new.  Furthermore, I figured many of the items could have been purchased new within four to six weeks  by only saving the same amount of money as his weekly payments to the rental store.  He wanted to live a fast food life.

I don’t judge you if you have ever used the rent-to own method of paying for things. Once you know how the math works though you can figure that using this method is like what Dave Ramsey would call a “stupid tax.”  I don’t like it when I find out that I have been paying a stupid tax on something and neither should you.  A fast food mentality will lead to many stupid taxes paid throughout our lives.  This is true with god as well.  With God it’s the same.  Usually the stupid tax comes in the form of a do-over.  Simply meaning that we get another opportunity to make the right choice.  We tend to have little peace until we do so.  This isn’t the same as tragic events taking place in our lives.  So don’t go around thinking that every time something terrible happens you made some sort of mistake and have fallen out of God’s will.  This stupid tax typically comes from other things.  Think of it as natural consequences  for your actions. I ran up my credit cards and now have to pay thousands in interest.  For me I am paying a stupid tax for not finishing school when I had the chance.

If you want a more supernatrual example think of Jonah. God gave him a second chance to preach to the city of Nineveh. God may choose natural consequences to give you a second chance. He may also let you pay your stupid tax in the belly of a whale. The wisest way to avoid the stupid tax is to learn from others who have paid it.

Here’s to lower taxes.


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