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Deeper Places

I recently listened to a song written by a  worship leader who teaches at Christ For The Nations.  I attended bible college there in another millennium.  The song is entitled Deeper Places and it struck a chord in me (pardon the pun) right away.  Recently I have pursued my relationship with God differently than most other times.  I guess it’s the character and personality of God I have want to know in a deeper way.   Not just have an understanding but really know Him.  It can be easy to forget at times we are to pursue Him in a personal way just as we would those special to us.

Pursuing God in a personal way is different than pursuing a person.  The whole corporeal nature of the relationship is different.  OK, I meant the pun that time.  One of the things I constantly try to filter out is my own schema.  Sorry for the three-dollar-word but (world view) doesn’t encompass the idea here.  If i’m not careful I will make God in my own image.  I will give Him characteristics based on what I already know.  In other relationships this might be OK.  With God it’s not.  He is not a man.  I need to know God for who He is.  Not what others postulate about Him.

I’m not willing to let others simply tell me who God is and what He is like.   I have to know for myself.  I want to go to the deeper places with God.   Lets go together,


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