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Angry Birds

If you have ever played Angry Birds you know it is very addicting.  I believe that the person who created though it might have been completely wasted at the time.  Never-the-less it is still fun to fight  little piggys and return the precious eggs to those angry little birds.  Every day we find there, “is an app for that”.  What ever the need, want or desire there is a menu of applications we can find for our smart phones and tablets.  My wife recently told me about an app for the ipad that help kids with autism to communicate.  I immediately wanted to start raising money and buying ipads for autism.

The reason I bring this message to you is challenge  the idea some Christians believe. The internet and it’s subsequent  technology are somehow evil in nature.  I’m not talking about some Christian groups that reject most modern technology but keep to themselves.  I’m referring to Evangelicals that who are as angry as those little birds about the internet.  As with most things in life. It is the application of a thing which counts.  The woman who bought the ipad and the PECS application for her son was able for the first time able to have her son communicate to her what he wanted for dinner.  Never before did the words “I want chicken” bring tears to a mother’s eyes.

Next time you feel like an angry bird about some inanimate thing please consider it’s design first.  I know of at least one mother who is glad that there is an app for that. 


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