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Wards Of The State (The Occupy Movement)

I spent much of my childhood as a ward of the state.  In and out of foster homes.  Living in shelters or in the homes of strangers.  I stole money so I could feed my brother and me.  Suffice to say, I didn’t enjoy it.  Enslaved by a a system I had no control over.  Sometimes abused by those entrusted to care for me.  By the grace of God, love from others and plenty of counseling I made it out and experienced true healing and freedom from bondage.

It troubles me that today so many wish to have the life I escape from.  Seeking to be wards of the state and have the government meet their daily needs.  A political firestorm has pitted neighbor against neighbor.  Some want the power to decide who has too much and the authority to take it away.  In the Occupy movement there have been assaults, rapes, riots and murder. 

  • Occupy has worn out its welcome: The tide is unquestionably turning against the Occupy movement, says Charles C.W. Cooke atNational Review. At first, the public turned a blind eye to the “nauseating spectacle” of the protesters’ disrespect for authority and the lawlessness of their tent cities. But people are rising up, and realizing that the Occupiers are “simply playing games with the democratic process” in an effort to sabotage civil society, not fix it.

It may be unpopular but I believe much of the blame can be placed at the feet of the church.   Part of the job of the church is to take of the sick, poor and otherwise unable to care for themselves.  while the body is returning to this call, for decades we rejected it.  When the church largely ignored the need the government stepped in.  Now, millions directly receive their daily sustenance from one government agency or another.  The government literally feeds, clothes, provides shelter, parenting and medical care for millions.  I have been there.  It is not how you want to live your life.

I have never been offered a job from someone on welfare.  It has always been for a company that could afford to pay me.  I also do not know anyone who enjoyed a job in which they had to race to the bank in hopes they were not the last one there and have there check bounce.

I do not support cronyism disguised as capitalism.  I do support a marketplace where creativity is not hindered by government or big business that sues small business out of existence in order to avoid competition.  I believe we are commanded to help those who cannot help themselves.  The church is waking up to this.  some have been doing it for decades.  The more the church picks up the slack the less the government will have a place to control the population by being its provider.

My prayer in writing this is that maybe some in the occupy movement will put down their ipads and iphones and become part of the solution.  I also pray that those looking for good jobs will not lose hope.  God is on you side.


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