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When I Grow Up- I wanna Be…

When I was a little boy I always wanted to be a super hero.  I would imagine I was Superman or the Incredible Hulk.  Someone strong and powerful who could take on bad guys.  I would be famous and everyone would think I was awesome.  Every now and then I put on my Superman Snuggie and still pretend the man of steel for my boys.

It’s natural for kids to want to be super heroes.  As we get older, and realize Superman isn’t real.  So, we move on to wanting to other things.  Things that make us feel important. Some desire the attention of a rock star.  Others seek the wealth a billionaire or the power of a political leader.  The list of things we want to be in life are too numerous to count.

What we don’t want is typically what we have.  I have only met few individuals who have expressed to me that they are exactly where they want to be in life.  More encouraging is that I have met many that feel they are on the right track, or at least heading that way.

It took nearly four decades for me to feel I was on the right track.   Unfortunately,  I couldn’t realize that much of my adult life I was actually doing what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be in ministry.  My problem was I allowed ungodly goals and standards to be attached to my view of success.  My wife help me realize I needed to be far more concerned with the “ministry” God had entrusted me with instead of ministry as a career.  That doesn’t mean I have let the dream of working in the ministry as a full time career go.

It means:

  • I will take the path God has laid out for me.  Not_____
  • I will take advantage of the opportunities to minister along the way.  Not____
  • I will seek the title of “Good and Faithful Servant”. Not____

I want you to fill in the blanks with the “Not” God has shared with you.

Men often ask each other “What do you do (for a living)”?  We define ourselves by our occupations.  Never allow your value to be measured by your occupation or your income.   Christ gave up everything for you without running a credit check or going over your resume..   


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