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Reflection & Renewal through the Resurrection

Do you need to commit yourself reading on a daily basis? Below is a post that might encourage you.

He Is Risen

The earth shook with the news. He is not here; He is risen! And in that moment, joy replaced despair, hope pushed past fear, and life conquered deathnot just that day, but for eternity. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ for what it meant then and what it means for us every day a sacrifice that brings forgiveness, renewal, and peace to any of us who put our faith in Jesus.

The YouVersion community is celebrating Resurrection Day together around the globe. No matter where we are or what burdens we might be carrying, we have reason to give thanks and praise for the unmatched love of our Savior. As you celebrate, we hope youll embrace the fullness of resurrection as expressed in Gods Word. You might consider reading an entire plan like The Story of Easter all in one sitting, listen to the Resurrection story in John 20 with your family, or simply re-read your favorite passage to refresh your faith.

As we celebrate the blessings of Easter, may we experience a rebirth and renewal that courses through our hearts and minds, spilling over into our lives and our communities throughout the year. He is risen indeed.

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One comment on “Reflection & Renewal through the Resurrection

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