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If Christianity Is A Crutch

Recently my wife and I were talking about some of the challenges we have face over the last four years.  We both feel that being Christians and putting our faith in Christ has helped us through thus far.  I don’t know how we would have coped with our circumstances without God and the people he has placed in our lives.  I can truly say our marriage is stronger than it was before.  When one of us felt despair, the other displayed enough optimism and faith for two.  On the few occasions we were both lost our faith God brought others to help or arranged circumstances that could not be explained through coincidence.

I have been told in the past that my Christianity was a crutch.  If that’s the case I’ll take two.  We often come to Christ out of need for a savior.  He doesn’t mind.  A reading of the New Testament will prove that to be true.  Eventually, we need to move on from there and become disciples.  One thing disciples do is come to Christ to fulfill His passions.  That mandate can be found through scripture as well.  I can say that I feel more like a disciple today than I have in the past.  I want to glorify Him more than I want other things out of life.  I still pray for all the things I did in the past.  It’s just now, I generally feel He’s got my back so to speak.  He’ll take care of me as he has done in the past.  Fear, desperation, and despair can’t get the same foothold as they might have in the past.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t ask for Him to Swoop in and save the day.  I just know that if He chooses not to I’m still in the palm of His hands.

I have two simple reasons for this post.

1. Don’t judge others if you think others only seek Christ for a handout.  Let Him carry that burden.

2. Forgive yourself of the first reason.  Christ already has.

You Make Beautiful Things


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