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What Ever Happened to Evangelism? | Outreach Magazine

What Ever Happened to Evangelism?

What Ever Happened to Evangelism?

I recently read a Facebook post by an alumni member of the same college we attended.  I would consider him a true modern day evangelist.  He asked if anyone had thoughts on the questioned posed on the newest cover of Outreach Magazine.  Below is my reply.

I have to ask what are they talking about? Does someone want me to stand on a street corner holding a sign saying “The end is near? Should I wear a white button-down shirt and a neck tie riding my ten-speed door to door. Should I pass out tracts? I’m not trying to be coy. When I hear someone is an evangelist I see Steve Martin wearing a white sequin suit saying Jesus saves and pass the plate. Scott A. Hinkle I honestly don’t think believers know how to share their faith. We don’t often see our church leaders doing it and when they invite “The Evangelist” to town it feels like a shake down, a shame fest or an opportunity to bring your lost friend to church so the the evangelist can get them saved. Many churches don’t know what they would do if unbelievers came through the door. I worked for a church that told me not to invite the people in the neighborhood to church for that exact reason. When I share Christ it’s through relationships. When I’m unwilling to share the gospel it’s because I want people to like me more than love Jesus. I’m gonna have to blog about this now.

I will ask you what Scott asked his friends. Any thoughts?


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