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MercyMe – Joseph’s Lullaby – YouTube

MercyMe – Joseph’s Lullaby – YouTube.

Why did God choose Joesph?

Maybe It’s just the guy in me that thinks about how Joseph must have dealt with Mary telling him she was going to have Jesus.  What would you have thought?  “Mary, that’s amazing”, or “Mary you are nuts”.  I’m engaged to a crazy woman.  No wonder they wanted to get rid of her.  He might have been thinking she was a lying little ________.  You can fill in the blank with any word you might use for someone who has cheated on you.

After all this Joseph was wise and godly.  He desires to keep this apparent indiscretion from the public.  If you are reading this you know Joseph changes his mind after a visit from an angel. We are told why God chose Mary.  We see why he chose Joseph.


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