Resolutions Galore


It’s that time again.  That’s right.  Start making those resolutions.  Will you join a gym and drop a few pounds (or more).  Is it time to pray an hour a day.  Has your family prompted (given you an intervention) to quit some habit?  Are you considering being more frugal with your pennies; whatever you New Year’s resolution please consider my two cents on the subject:

  • Don’t allow your resolutions to consume you.
  • Make reasonable goals for yourself.
  • Take baby steps.
  • Allow yourself to fail forward.

If your goals consume you you will be tempted to condemn yourself if you don’t meet your own expectations.  Praying five minutes a day and working up to the time you have set for yourself will allow you to stay positive.  Failing is an essential part of life.  It, just like poop, happens to everyone.  It stinks too. 

My goal this year is to upgrade my grammar skills.  How am I doing with my colons and semi colons?


2 comments on “Resolutions Galore

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  2. […] Resolutions Galore (bloggingforwisdom.wordpress.com) […]

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