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The Musings of Cate Morris

I know you have said that you don’t need church or religion–it’s full of hypocrites anyways.  I agree.  In fact, I have found hypocrites in the most unlikely places.  I found some at the bank, the post office, Starbucks, the grocery store, and even employed with Apple.  Amazing!   I’ve seen hypocritical husbands, wives, parents, and employers.  I see the dual lifestyles of so many people and wonder “what the heck?”  Hypocrites are definitely a problem.  But are they really your problem?

What do you do with the guilt for the bad things you have done that eats at you when you are alone?  What do you do about the wild and sometimes evil thoughts that pass through your head on a daily basis?  What do you do with the shame from the actions you have committed that have wounded or maybe even destroyed another person?  What do you do…

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