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Same Sex Marriage and God It’s Not About Equality

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Judges 17:6

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
It seems to me that America is living in this world right now. Generally speaking, the verse is not saying that everyone was evil. It is saying that people just thought if it felt right they would do it.  

Let me say that this is not an argument about equality, It’s an argument about legitimacy. People want society to declare gay marriage a legitimate union.  While the laws of the government may change, the character of God will not. There is no need to debate each chapter and verse when God made his wishes known. I have heard people give all kinds of reasons why those don’t or shouldn’t apply any more. Then, resort to insults when they don’t hear the answer they’re looking for. When the conscious of a person has been seared no answer, true or not, will change their mind.

With all this in mind I don’t see God shuttering on His throne over same sex marriage. No matter what the outcome I would say let not your heart be troubled. Jesus said things like this would come.

In case you wanted to hear some of my logical reasons for traditional marriage, here they are. If marriage is only about romantic love what about three people who love each other? What about a brother who loves his sister? What about a man who loves a child, or someone who loves their pet? I saw a post from a Christian who claims the government should stay out of it because they s should be secular and not promote any type of morality. That’s absolute nonsense. What about murder or rape? Aren’t those moral laws?


One comment on “Same Sex Marriage and God It’s Not About Equality

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