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Lines In The Sand




Below are comments I made to a friends post on FaceBook. The world is inevitably pushing closer the the lines in the sand drawn by the bible. What will you do when they get there? Draw back?. Cross over? Stand firm? 




I agree with the pastor on how people should be treated, but homosexual marriage is not about equality. It’s about legitimacy. Homosexuals want everyone else to say that the lifestyle you are choosing is legitimate. God judges us by our hearts, but there is no place in the bible that God legitimizes our sin.  Many people hate the church because our beliefs draw lines in the sand that the world will not accept. If you want to make the issue about legislating the same privileges for a same sex union I would be happy to entertain that discussion. I don’t expect the world to live by the Christian standard, but I think we are getting close to a time when Christians will be asked to erase the lines in the sand that God has drawn. What will we do then? 

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