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Old Hymns New Songs

For many Americans, Christian music started as a bar tunes put to lyrics that praised God. Since then it has grown to an industry all it’s own. In the past 15-20 years I have seen a return to these hymns and other worship type songs by mainstream Christian groups. I for one like it.

For some reason I find worship songs seem to be done in a way that the world can not compete. I enjoy “Christian” music, but many times it makes me feel like we are trying to imitate the world. We aren’t very good at it. I don’t think that every Christian band need to sing every song about Jesus. I would be happy with great music that I can listen to with my kids and not feel embarrassed by crude lyrics. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m happy listening to songs about Jesus. I just feel that if an artist puts an album out with ten songs, not everyone has to say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the chorus. 

I feel too that a return to these hymns is great because so much truth is hidden in them just waiting to get out. If all it takes is a modern melody and chorus let’s do it. Before I get on my soap box I will just say listen to this great song. “The End”.


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