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Oh Canada

I told my wife a few days ago that my dreams are becoming more vivid and positive. I’m not dreaming of people chasing me or being weighed down so much it’s hard to move. Even just negative dreams in general are gone. 

My new dreams are more funny than anything else. Funny in a way that they make me laugh when I wake up. Last night I dreamed I was visiting Canada for some reason. I was attending an event in which the lady that was supposed to sing the national anthem could not be found. Another lady asked for volunteers, but no one was willing to do it. I volunteered. I was taken back to a dressing room and they put me in the… dress of the missing performer. Instead of being wildly embarrassed I told myself I was going to have a great time regardless. I proceeded to the stage and began my performance. I remember having to sorta prance around and make the appropriate hand gestures while singing.

At the end of the song most in the crowd clapped and shared in my fun. Their national pride even seemed to be encouraged as this Yankee (that’s me) sang their anthem to them while prancing around in a white sequin dress. 

There were a few that could not understand, and personally voiced their disapproval to me. In the past I might have been hurt, offended, and embarrassed. This time however I just shrugged it off and was glad I did it.

I realized the moral of the story. The circumstances of my experience may not have been so different from what I may have experienced in the past. I realized I was the difference. My perspective has changed, and thus I am able to take control. In the past, others manipulated me, chased me, attacked me, made me feel worthless, and ashamed. Now, I dictate the terms. the attacks have lost their power. I admit, it was not fun to listed to those who objected to my comical display, but I was easily able to shrug it off. I am the victor and not the victim.

What are your dreams like? Who is in control?  Are you the victim or victor? If your dreams are not as positive as you would like them to be try and determine why that might be. In my case, life situation has not changed much in several years. I still have to work two full time jobs to support my family. My wife works two part time jobs and takes care of the kids. We actually make half the income we did five years ago. Murphy’s law has not been suspended for us. Christ is seeing us through the storm. Not just making it go away. 

Besides our faith the difference seems that I am taking initiative in life choices I am able to. I am taking the last semester of classes I left behind a dozen years ago. I am making a conscious effort  in becoming a saver and not a spender. I have decided to take responsibility for what’s happening in my life.

I still can’t control what others say and feel. I can determine how I respond. What determines how you respond. I pray you determine what happens in your dreams and take initiative in life where ever you are able.


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