I Got Something Totally Different Than The Point Of The Message

Do you ever get something totally different out of a message than the point the speaker is making? I do. It actually happens all the time. My pastor will start a sermon on one subject an not five minutes later he says something that has me swiping through my bible app looking up else. Sometimes it is related. Sometimes it is completely different. Maybe it’s God, and maybe it’s ADHD. Usually it has something to do with my current life circumstances. I have ceased getting overly concerned about it. No offense to the great pastors of the world, but most of us can’t remember last weeks sermon. We do however take home that NUGGET that gets us side tracked. I’m not going to advocate tuning out your pastor so you can do something else. Feel free to pursue the nugget God wants you to take home, If it’s from God you need it. If it’s ADHD you’re probably still going to learn something. Your pastor should be OK with that. Especially since you can watch it later on You Tube

That brings me to this message. Francis Chan does a great visual message with a rope. I got totally diverted by something he said before he even took the rope out. He said something about how our choices will either bring reward or regret. There aren’t really any other options. Each time we make a choice one of the two, in some degree, is manifested. You might get a little of both, but I don’t see any 50/50 scenarios realistically taking place. Not all regret is shame so don’t get overwhelmed. Just consider what the results will be. In this life and the next.

By the way. The rest of the message is great too.


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