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Lesser Known Personality Styles

We’ve all heard about personality styles associated with animals. Beaver, Otter, Lion etc. I want to share some lesser known styles I have met on my journey through life.

The Raccoon.

Raccoon peeking out from behind a tree

If curiosity killed the cat, it was brought back to life as a raccoon. This adorable  little animal seems so docile and demure. In reality though, their level of curiosity to get into anything not pad locked. This nosy little guy hovers around the office waiting for scraps of juicy information or food it can devour.

The Panda


Another seemingly docile creäture. The panda represents the high maintenance personalities among us. Let’s face it. Anyone can be high maintenance. Both male and female pandas can be found saying “I don’t know, What do you want”. All the while knowing exactly what they want. You offer Italian. They say “no”. You toss out Chinese. They say “nah”. Giving it one more try, Mexican? “Umm… to greasy”. Then, as if an epiphany from heaven hit them, they say “What about Italian?”

The Momma Bear


The Momma Bear can be found roaming grocery stores, shopping malls, and even neighborhoods. While they can be playful do not get close to her children. She can jump out of her 5’2″ frame into a full nine feet in a split second. No matter the threat, momma will engage anyone she determines to be an enemy. Your only chance is to toss the kid back and run.

Feel free to comment with your own story of lesser known personality styles.


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