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Morning Sex? (warning: graphic image)

Don’t read this in front of young children. Unless we speak up all sense of morality on TV will erode away. We will either give in or find ourselves afraid to watch TV in front of the kids. We must all decide. Christians are realizing that we are the frogs that are now boiling in the pot after decades of acquiescence. I admit I feel as if I have no voice but this to speak out. I don’t have billions to spend like Hollywood. I’m not famous. I don’t have a radio talk show. I don’t sing or act. I’m just a guy who works two full-time jobs to make sure my family eats and has a home. However, whatever is is I can do, I will do. Please join me. You’re not crazy or a religious nut for not wanting a child to see nudity on TV. It’s perfectly normal to know that something is dreadfully wrong for girls go from Disney to less-than dressed in a few short years, and it’s equally wrong for grown men who can’t wait for it to happen. Rome is burning. If we don’t start grabbing buckets of water we might as well pick up torches ourselves, “eat, drink , and be merry. For tomorrow we die.

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This morning, I woke up with both kiddos in bed with me. Their daddy is out of town on business for a few days – giving me ample opportunity to avoid bedtime scheduling madness (guess who’s the disciplinarian here) and revel in those snuffly sighs and giggles that escape just before exhaustion overtakes them and they drift into dreamland.

kiddossleeping8-8-13We slept in.  School starts here in 11 days. Gotta sleep in while we can.

Eventually, Andy and I rolled out of bed and went into the living room to start our day in the customary way. A pastry. Some cereal. Flipping back and forth between Morning Express (hi, Robin Meade!) and Good Morning America (hello, GMA crew!). We love Robin’s laughter and the lighthearted interaction among the GMA team, the care they seem to give each other when topics turn serious.

Ella heard the television and stirred. I watched from…

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