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In Defense of the Defenseless • Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being

In Defense of the Defenseless • Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being.

Meet Walter Joshua Fretz – A Human Being


This beautiful baby boy’s name was Walter Joshua Fretz, a real human being that was unfortunately miscarried. He made it to his 19th week before his birth and survived for only a few minutes. Those who are pro-choice repeatedly make the argument that they are only aborting a ‘clump of cells’ that do not even resemble a human being. They are clearly wrong.


Walter is that human child you see on ultrasounds, the one that flutters inside the womb, the one children place their ears to their mother’s bellies to connect with. Walter, like each of us when we were at his stage of life, was a real human being with a beating heart. His death was natural and no fault of anyone involved. This cannot be said for the tens of millions of other children like Walter that could make it, that could join us on this amazing and beautiful planet we call home, if not for the human failing of deliberately induced abortion.


Walter was a devastating loss not only to his immediate family, but to his human family. Walter was wanted by his mother, but many children like Walter are not wanted. It is this simple distinction that makes intentionally killing babies like Walter acceptable to many in our society. But this is a false premise, because although the mother carrying the child may not want him or her, there are many other families that would love to make them a part of their lives.


There is also a system of orphanages and foster care that will shepherd these children to adulthood. Some will claim that this is a poor life and a good reason to kill their children. If every adult that was brought up through these systems were surveyed, it would be very likely that the vast majority are happy that they are here with us to enjoy their wives, husbands, sons, and daughters, to feel the sun on their face and to experience the challenge and joy of life.

Find out more about Walter and his amazing family.


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