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Why Pastors Avoid Controversy. Should They?

I usually try to avoid post titles that exclaim an indictment toward the church. I find that them filled with one cliché after another, and written in “Christianise”. That is their vocabulary is only understood by those well indoctrinated by the church. I do believe we should exhort the church when necessary. The apostles did so in their letters. I don’t see where they only offer a steady diet of criticism though. It’s self-defeating.

With that said I offer this with fear and trepidation. Knowing I’m responsible for my words and how they impact the reader.

So, Why is it that pastors avoid controversy? Here is a list. Both of valid and invalid reasons. That’s right, there are valid reasons for pastors to act this way. here goes:

  1.  Nickles and noses. The fear you may drive away parishioners. Invalid, Jesus Himself did not avoid “hard sayings”
  2. Nickles and noses. What? again? Valid, Jesus often spoke in parables with hidden messages that could only be fully understood by true seekers. The un-churched could still understand enough to aid them in their walk.
  3. Inability to communicate. Invalid. It is incumbent upon pastors to learn to not only understand the word, but also learn to communicate it in a way that the congregation can understand as well. Take some public speaking classes Even acting and humor classes can help you add the proper timing and inflection. It’s not a lack of faith. It’s an exercise of faith and confirmation that God has chosen you to preach when you purposefully attempt to make it a craft. preaching is an art as well as a science  Avoid saying “um” 90 times in a 30 minute message. Don’t ask your spouse to critique you. It’s not fair to them.

That’s enough for now. And that’s about 95% of the battle.


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