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Discovering Your Purpose / Understanding Your Infinite Value

In my last Discovering Your Purpose post I stated that our purpose in life is to please God. The first step to pleasing God is to begin understanding what your worth to him. Our value isn’t measured in dollars and cents. It’s measured in blood. About six pints of blood. That’s how much Christ shed to cover our sins. You can’t put a numerical about of value on that. It’s value is infinite. As are you. We place value on an object based on how much someone is willing to pay for it. If you’ve ever sold something you know this to be true. If you’ve ever had a job or hired someone you know this as well. The difference here is there was no bargaining. No haggling took place. The Father set the price and Christ paid it. The price was one perfect, spotless Lamb of God for everything.

Could you place a value on the life of Christ? No. His value is infinite. That’s the price He also paid for you. I can’t fully understand infinite. I can’t make you understand it either. I can however give you a push to get you started. You’re worth more that your problems. Or solutions. you’re worth more than your paycheck. Thank God. You were planned. You have purpose. You have infinite value.

Could you place a value on the life of Christ?  Then don’t try to place a value on yours.

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