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Pro Life Men At Work

My point as a pro-life man is simply this. Every child is innocent. I don’t need any other. I’m not a woman, and I can’t possibly know what women go through when considering abortion. I don’t judge women who have made that choice. I do know the horrors of sexual abuse. I know how humiliated, ashamed, and alone victims feel.  When it comes to the feeling of helplessness I stand right beside you.

If you have chosen abortion you won’t find a judgmental person here. The burden you bear is right there for the world to see. When you “eat for two”. When you crave peanut butter and pepperoni pizza you scream to the world there’s a baby inside me. That’s right, a baby is living inside you, and she wants peanut butter on her pepperoni pizza.

That child inside you will bring love where their was hate. She is innocent. He will bring hope where there was heartache. He is innocent. Whether you choose motherhood or adoption I hope you choose life. having a is not the easy choice. You’ll be told all of the things you will loose if you choose life. You’ll miss out on your dreams. Let me tell you every parent knows it doesn’t matter what your dreams are now. A baby changes them. Every parent will tell you that no matter how prepared you think you are, you’re not. My wife will tell you that the super powers granted to her by a masters degree in psychology only helps with other people’s kids. Every parent will tell you they made the the best choice. You hear women who regret choosing abortion. I have never heard of a women who regrets choosing life.

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