Christian Hijackers 

Unless you attend a church were they still bust out a hymnal and an organ every Sunday you’ve heard at least one of the Uncreated One songs. It appears that all the good titles have been claimed already, and we’re recycling all of the best ones from the past. Who knows, maybe one of David’s lost tracks has the same name. It’s a little too much for me that we do it at the same time. Hey church… Let’s be a little creative. One family asks another at Sunday lunch, “Which First Baptist, or Community Church do you attend. I’m not saying you have to go crazy. First Jesus Christ Superstar Community Church, or The Intergalactic Curch of the Trinity might be a little much. I just think a little creativity never hurts. Now ther is a place for hijacking.

Since its inception Christians have been hijacking and “Christianizing” various things. Songs, holidays, pagan festivals, and puny gods. I think it’s a great idea. Paul did it. Solomon told us there’s nothing new under the sun. Why try and recreate the wheel. So go for it. Take something the world has called its own and claim it for Christ. Do it today.


4 comments on “Christian Hijackers 

  1. I think you lost me on this one. Can you give a little context?

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