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I’m Not A Trump Fan… But…

Be aware spell check was unavailable at the time of this posting. Sorrie 

Look… I’m not coming out as a Trump supporter, but his candidacy has revealed many problems with our current political system. It seems we daily learn new and inventive ways our leaders have devised to keep the people out of the political process. 

I believe the current electoral process for our general election is the best we can come up with. If we didn’t have it, three or four states could dictate what happens to the rest of the country. As a former east coaster I’ve had many people ask what is there to do in kansas? Why can’t you use public transportation like we do? What is cow tipping? And so forth. Well, we do the same things in Kansas as you do in New York. As for the rest… That’s for another post.

After the layers of minutiae are stripped away we find a complex set of rules set up by political parties to allow them, and not necessarily the people to choose the candidates. We then apparently have politicians who have no chance of winning making deals to stop the front runner from winning as well. Now enters Donald Trump. 

With the other two candidates practically eliminated they choose two try and stop the other Donald Trump from winning as well. I don’t like it. I don’t care if it’s been done before.  Usurping the will of the people is not the way to resolve it. It sounds like a case of two sore losers trying to make a last ditch effort to win something that isn’t theirs.

You might disagree. You might feel as if the party is saving the people from their own stupidity. You might be right. However, what happens when your “candidate ” comes along and your party does the same to you? Ask all the Bernie Sanders supporters how they feel about super delegates. 


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