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The Mediocrity/Justification  Principle 

There is a cosmological theory know as the mediocrity principle. It basically states that the earth is insignificant. It’s in an insignificant place in the galaxy. It’s in an insignificant place in the universe, and we’re insignificant along with it. If fact, we’re random. Quite lucky even to exist at all.

It turns out this principle permeates through life as well as science. It even seeps into the church by the way of apathy towards sin. I’m not making any judgements here. Thinking about this brings thoughts of my own sin to the surface of my mind. We can sometimes treat sin like stages of grief. We get angry, make deals, but ultimately concluded that’s just the way we are. However, unlike real grief, acceptance is not what we should strive for. The bible gives us examples of the Jews going back and forth from obeying God to turning their backs on Him.  To the point that a fifth stage is needed. The justification stage/principle.

The justification principle states we now have a right to sin. Some might say they have a civil right to… Maybe it’s a natural right. I don’t have to harp on topics like abortion or sexual orientation. There is a much broader list we often forget.

  • Addictions- We mistreat our bodies in such a severity we cause ourselves diseases. Then we use that disease as justification for our behavior.
  • Selfishness- We mistreat others and justify our behavior because we’ve been mistreated.
  • Hatred-
  • Pride-
  • Fear-

You get the point. Laziness. My brain hurts.

We can’t allow the principle of mediocrity to find it’s way into of lives. Scripture says. God knew who were before time began. God doesn’t do mediocre. Paul pleads with some who have strayed to repent, and give up giving in to sin. (Sorry, layered  that one on a little thick) You aren’t random. You have a unique purpose.  Good purpose. God give passion is within you to reach out, grab it, and never let go.

I pray you do just that. Reach out. Train. Learn. Pursue. “Never give up. Never Surrender.”



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