Christian Perspective

The Mediocrity/Justification  Principle 

There is a cosmological theory know as the mediocrity principle. It basically states that the earth is insignificant. It’s in an insignificant place in the galaxy. It’s in an insignificant place in the universe, and we’re insignificant along with it. If fact, we’re random. Quite lucky even to exist at all. It turns out this […]

Christian Hijackers 

Unless you attend a church were they still bust out a hymnal and an organ every Sunday you’ve heard at least one of the Uncreated One songs. It appears that all the good titles have been claimed already, and we’re recycling all of the best ones from the past. Who knows, maybe one of David’s […]

Pro Life Men At Work

My point as a pro-life man is simply this. Every child is innocent. I don’t need any other. I’m not a woman, and I can’t possibly know what women go through when considering abortion. I don’t judge women who have made that choice. I do know the horrors of sexual abuse. I know how humiliated, […]

Why Pray?

Here is a great post from a writer I went to college with. Thanks Cate. Why Pray?.   Posted on June 17, 2014 by Cate Morris In Christopher Hitchens’ book “Mortality”, Christopher devotes a great part of his second chapter to the subject of prayer and the futility of it. With the angst of one suffering from a disease […]

A Church Without Disciples Is A Club

A Church Without Disciples Is A Club- That might sound harsh in a “live and let live” world. Your church can have an amazing pastor, terrific worship, and the best coffee in the galaxy. If you’re not making disciples you’re attending a Christian clubhouse. A motorcycle club has  jackets. Your church has t-shirts. Churches, just like […]

Why Life Seems Unfair

We often see life as unfair and wonder why. Life doesn’t seem unfair, it is unfair. As a matter of fact not much in life is fair. We learn early in life that people don’t always understand us. They don’t understand what we’re saying or how we feel. We can come up with an incredible idea […]

Discovering Your Purpose / Understanding Your Infinite Value

In my last Discovering Your Purpose post I stated that our purpose in life is to please God. The first step to pleasing God is to begin understanding what your worth to him. Our value isn’t measured in dollars and cents. It’s measured in blood. About six pints of blood. That’s how much Christ shed […]