Why Pray?

Here is a great post from a writer I went to college with. Thanks Cate. Why Pray?.   Posted on June 17, 2014 by Cate Morris In Christopher Hitchens’ book “Mortality”, Christopher devotes a great part of his second chapter to the subject of prayer and the futility of it. With the angst of one suffering from a disease […]

Why Pastors Avoid Controversy. Should They?

I usually try to avoid post titles that exclaim an indictment toward the church. I find that them filled with one cliché after another, and written in “Christianise”. That is their vocabulary is only understood by those well indoctrinated by the church. I do believe we should exhort the church when necessary. The apostles did so […]

His Nature In Us

http://bible.us/303/2PE1.4.CEVDCUS06 God made great and marvelous promises, so his nature would become part of us. Then we could escape our evil desires and the corrupt influences of this world. Bible.com/app

Restoration (In Exile)

Many Christians turn to Jeremiah 29:11 for comfort in time of trouble and distress.  I am one of them.  The bible also shares with us the story of restoration for Israel as a nation.  In this series called “Restoration” I will outline how God restored His chosen people and their nation.  We will also see how […]

Eat Mor Chicken

It’s ok to eat a chicken sandwich in support of your deeply held religious beliefs. It doesn’t mean you’re mean spirited or you have hate in your soul as long as you don’t ignore the sin in your own life while doing it.

Jesus Is Alive

Jesus is alive.

Building An Altar To God

In the Old Testament there are several examples in which patriarchs of the faith altar.  Altars were built for several purposes. Some alters were built were to commemorate something God had done .  An altar might be built to offer thanks to God, present tithes and offerings or for the remission of sins. Perhaps one of the most recognized altars built was the altar Abraham […]