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Christian Hijackers 

Unless you attend a church were they still bust out a hymnal and an organ every Sunday you’ve heard at least one of the Uncreated One songs. It appears that all the good titles have been claimed already, and we’re recycling all of the best ones from the past. Who knows, maybe one of David’s […]

How Wide Should Pastors Cast The Net?

So, How wide should your pastor cast the net? Many pastors and churches are continually frustrated by this. If we cast it too wide will we end up with a luke-warm church? If we don’t cast wide enough how will our church survive? Without oversimplifying the issue here are some great ways to come to […]

The Power Of Words

Sometimes a little perspective, mixed with a pinch of action can yield a great response. Words have power!

#1 in 2012: 3 things Zig Ziglar told me at lunch | Jon Acuff’s Blog

Jon Acuff is one of the people I follow most when it come blogging and writing.  As far as I can tell we are about the same age and he has taken the long road when it comes to pursuing his life’s dreams (vocationally speaking).  I’m on that road now. Patiently, and sometimes not so […]

World Changers

you are destined to do great things for the kingdom of God

The Thief

Luke 23:43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

The Trap Of Treasure

Hold onto what brings peace to your soul.